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Running a small business isn’t easy, and as your business grows your technical issues grow right along with it. You need an email, website, mail server, network, internet, wifi, and document storage solution that works from any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You’re rightfully concerned about protection from viruses, malware and data theft. And you’re still not sure that all of your data—every file and application—is getting backed up. PRDG offers solutions to all of these challenges, and IT support and consulting for everything else. Better yet? Our consultancy services have buy-just-what-you-need, as a result it will reduce your investment cost drastically and will give a clear idea what suits to you.

Solutions We Offer

We know that not every business has an IT department and you may be looking for a consultant to suggest you what is best out of best. Here we offer the right guidance to your need.

Our solutions combine award-winning state of art LAN & WAN Designs, LAN-WAN Solutions, ITeS Consulting Solutions, Data Center Design Solutions, Security Consulting Solutions, Firewall / VPN Appliances, Anti-spyware, Anti-virus, Anti-spam, Intrusion Prevention, URL filtering, Storage, Network Supervision, Wireless & Telecom and RFID Solutions.

Every customer is a valuable customer and we take enough time and utmost care to understand, appreciate and design solutions to suit the needs of individual customers.

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